Read This Before You Choose Another Date Night Movie

It's the weekend again, and you're in the same position you were last weekend --- time to choose another date night movie. The thing is that it's not an easy call to make. You like one type of movie, and your significant other likes something completely different. With what can feel like the Grand Canyon between you in terms of a difference of opinion, how in the world can you come to a compromise? Easy. Just don't go to the movies.

Ha! Just kidding! Of course, that's not a real answer. Relationships are based on compromise, so you know you're going to make a decision one way or another. The key is to think about everything else you have to worry about other than just the movie. You know the whole "think outside the box" mentality people have been yammering about for forever? In this case, taking a different perspective on how you choose to organize your date night may actually make choosing a date night movie a lot easier.

Here are just some of the things to keep in mind when planning out date night:

What does the WHOLE night entail? You want to think about what else you've got going for your special night out. Also, do you have to make special arrangements like hiring a babysitter or calling a car-ride service? These are good details to have hammered out ahead of time.

Are you factoring in ticket pricing & showtime? Saving money isn't a bad thing, and going to earlier shows can make a difference when you pay for movie tickets. Also, maybe a date "night" can't work for you, so working with an earlier start time for a two-hour movie works best.

Do you plan on eating before or after the movie? Grabbing a bite to eat can be another time commitment and venue. Why not check out a cinema brewery? This way, you can actually watch a movie & get served restaurant-quality meals while you watch!

Are you a fan of craft beer? Yeah, it's an odd question, but stay with us. Once again, cinema brewery for the win. You can actually get incredible craft beer brewed on the premises served to you while you eat & watch.

What does 'date night' mean to the both of you? This one is interesting. Date night & date night movies are usually about connecting with a significant other. The thing is that sometimes you can feel just as far away from your entire family because everyone is so busy during the week. A "family style" date night movie spectacular is a neat way to get the whole gang together for a fun time.

In reality, a date night movie isn't really the hardest decision you have to make when it comes to what you and your sweetheart will be doing on a chosen night (or evening). In reality, a date night is what you make of it, and when you've got a cool place like a cinema brewery to work with, you've got a lot of options at your disposal. Part movie theater, part restaurant, and part brewery, it's got it all. What's more, if you decide that date night could use the kids, there's enough room for them.

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